New Prescription:
The prescriber may telephone, fax or mail in new prescriptions. The patient may also mail in new prescriptions. Please notify us that you have done so. If you fax a new prescription, we are required to telephone the prescriber for verification.

Transfer Prescription:
Please provide us with all patient prescription information such as prescription number, date of most recent refill, medication name and name and phone number of previous pharmacy. We will attempt to transfer your prescription pursuant to current state and federal regulations.

Vacation Prescription Refill:
We can ship to you anywhere in the USA when you are on vacation. Please allow time for compounding and shipping.

Refill Prescription:
Please complete the form below. You may also use our Refill Telemanager by dialing 802-879-1100 or 888-936-4948 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.